2020: Year of the Nurse and Midwife

Year of the Nurse and Midwife

A celebration of your midwives, who cared for you during your pregnancy and birth.

I would like to nominate my midwife Sandra Pygott (Pilgrim Hospital). It was decided that due to me having high BP and reduced fetal movements I needed to have a C-Section; something myself and my husband felt upset about at the time. Sandra came into speak with us (along with the surgeon and other theatre staff). She reassured us, answered questions we had and told us how positive an experience they were going to make it for us. When our son was born he was placed on my chest for some skin to skin contact and Sandra calmly talked us through what was happening. Sandra stayed with us for a while after the birth, and a few days later when I had been taken back into hospital, she popped in to see how we were all doing. I am genuinely so thankful Sandra was one our midwives who helped care for us and especially in theatre. She has such a calm and caring way about her and she turned a worrying time for us into a really positive experience.

All of the staff on the Labour and Maternity ward at Pilgrim Hospital were incredible; from the midwives & student midwives, surgeons and health care assistants, to the cleaner and the wonderful staff who served the meals. Particular mention to midwives Robyn & Amy, student midwife Ellie, midwives Sandra & Katy, surgeon Sarah and cleaner Paula. It felt like a professional ‘family’ and they are all a credit to their profession and the NHS.

I would like to nominate Sandra Pygott from Boston hospital Lincolnshire!

3rd of September 2017 I went into labour with my second baby. I went from 2cm to 10cm the space of 20 minutes… we were getting ready to meet our baby.

Once I had pushed my baby’s head out, the whole situation turned into an emergency, I clearly remember Sandra opening the door very calmly and shouting shoulder dystopia, my baby was stuck. Sandra stayed very calm and reassured me and my birthing partners everything was going to be okay, she was right, after 4 minutes of being stuck and the amazing support of Sandra and other midwives my healthy 10lb baby was here. Once I had given birth my baby had to go and have some breaths to help him and Sandra again stayed with me explaining everything and kept me calm, once I had him back with me Sandra helped me achieve my goal of breast feeding and she didn’t leave my side for a few hours being my support with feeding and answering any questions we all had. Couldn’t imagine having anyone else there she was amazing and I will always be grateful for her amazing expertise and experience.

Sandra Pygott


I would like to nominate Emma MacKay from Grantham. (Midwife) she saved our daughters life. She did a post-natal visit to our home when our baby was sent home from NICU. She was just over 4lb and after Emma left Isla stopped breathing due to a common cold. Emma had her own breathing equipment in her car supplied by herself and I called her back, she manually ventilated Isla until the ambulance arrived. She then travelled with us in the ambulance keeping Isla’s airway open the whole way. Without her, Isla would not be here. She went over and above her job coming over to QMC with us with no way of getting home. She truly is an incredible woman.

I would like to nominate Emma because she helped me believe in my ability to birth my son. I had a rough pregnancy and wanted a home birth. Emma encouraged me to trust my body and with her help and support I had a wonderful home birth at 42 weeks exactly. This positive start to our lives as parents has meant that we and our son have continued to be calm, happy and confident. I am beyond grateful to have had such a wonderful midwife.

Emma Mackay


I would like to nominate Tracey Stewart. Myself and my husband did Tracey’s antenatal classes and there were absolutely amazing. So informative, relaxed and supportive. Because of Tracey, I have an unbelievable support system from the ladies I met on the course. They have been an absolute lifeline. My labour did not go to plan and part way through my labour, Tracey and Gill took over my care. From the moment they walked into the room, I felt at ease and fully supported. I cannot thank Tracey enough for her support and knowledge!

I feel Tracy Stewart deserves an acknowledgement; she’s a fantastic caring midwife. We went to Tracy’s antenatal classes and she was amazing with getting us ready and confident enough to have our baby. We can’t thank Tracy enough with all the tips and care she gave us.

I would like to nominate Tracy Stewart from Lincoln County Hospital for the midwife of the year nominations. She is an incredibly knowledgeable lady and an amazing midwife. She runs antenatal classes that are beyond useful. She gives honest and real advice and prepares you for what happens during pregnancy, birth and beyond. Without her I would not have a close group of mum friends who are my support network. She has helped so many families beyond just doing her job and it would be amazing to see her nominated.

We can’t thank Tracy enough for the support she gave us during my pregnancy, throughout my birth and afterwards. At around 30 weeks our baby was breach (bottom down), we tried everything to try to get her to change position over the following weeks but nothing worked, we really wanted a natural birth and Tracy, given her years of experience agreed to guide us through our labour alongside a registrar. Tracy was so reassuring and supportive in the lead up and especially on the day I went into labour. At around 38 weeks my waters broke and I went to hospital. Unfortunately after a short time the team discovered I had a complication which I later learnt was a placenta abruption. Tracy kept me calm and acted quickly to get us to theatre for an emergency c-section. This was an extremely traumatic time but with her support and care the end result was we were both ok and our gorgeous daughter is now 7 years old. She was the first person to hold Isabelle and showed such love and care to us as a family. We cannot thank her enough. In the weeks after I suffered panic attacks and really wasn’t myself. Tracy offered advice and reassurance throughout this time. We know she always goes above and beyond for all her families. She most definitely deserves a nomination for her passion, knowledge and dedication as a midwife.

We first met Tracy at her Busy Bumps antenatal classes. From the word go she was the most supportive person during pregnancy, nothing was too much trouble, no question too silly.

I had to be induced at 38+5 due to Obstetric Cholestasis and I was in Nettleham ward for 5 days prior to being moved to the Labour ward for the induction drip. I was so relieved when the midwife who came to look after me on the Labour ward was Tracy! She instantly put myself and my husband at ease. Throughout the process Tracy was my advocate, helping me make informed decisions throughout.

Tracy was the perfect mix of calm, supportive and firm (when I needed to up my game!). I was so grateful for her being there for me & my husband.  She delivered our daughter at the end of her shift and then continued to support me after when I had gone back to Nettleham ward. Tracy popped in several times before I was discharged.

After discharge Tracy was in regular contact and continued to be the most amazing support to myself and my group of antenatal friends.  Tracy is amazing and goes above and beyond the call of duty for so many expectant and new parents

Tracy Stewart


I’d like to nominate newly qualified midwife Jade Wiggins. She is based at pilgrim hospital. In 2018 Jade was in her last year of training and happened to be in attendance at my 12 week scan where we found out we were expecting twins. (shock) Jade was asked to take a blood sample and during this we got talking to her about how my birth experience in 2012 with an emergency section was worrying us and how with having twins I was worried about a section again and really hoped to have a natural birth.

Jade asked if it would be possible to take us on as a case study and from just our small chat with her we happily agreed she was so caring compassionate and put us at ease. Jade joined us at several appointments went over our birth wishes and fully supported our wish for a VBAC. Jade was worth her weight in gold to us when on our last scan and consultant appointment the doctor wished to confirm with his higher consultant about going to 38 weeks and she came in talked past us to her colleague never once acknowledging us and said no book her in 35 weeks for a section especially as I had one 6 years prior. Jade was very good at this point at keeping my husband calm and we had asked her to speak on our behalf if necessary especially when a lot medical terms were thrown around and she quite politely told the consultant no. This was not our wishes and as there was no medical reason to do so and the babies were in no danger that we wished for a natural birth. The consultant then agreed to just over 36 weeks and our wishes were followed. Jade was my birth midwife and had the pleasure of telling us both what the sex of our babies was once born and cutting the cords. I honestly believe if we hadn’t of had jade backing us up we would have been steam rolled in to the doctors way. We had 2 beautiful girls on 19/02/19 both born naturally and couldn’t of wished for a happier birth. This honestly was possible through jade’s support and her after care as well.

Jade Wiggins


I would like to nominate Naomi Plant in year of the midwife at LCH maternity wing. Naomi was my midwife through the latter stages of my labour and at the birth of my little boy on the 25th of November 2019. She was amazing throughout and supported me through a nasty postpartum haemorrhage and to theatre and ensured I felt safe throughout.

She came to visit on Nettleham ward a few days later to check in and ensure we were all ok. To me she was so calm, supportive and helped a really frightening situation seem just a little more tolerable. Naomi will always have a special place in my heart.

Naomi Plant


My wife and I would like to nominate midwife Stacey Dixon who delivered our boy Bernie at the pilgrim hospital on 26/01/19.

I can’t commend the professionalism of Stacey enough. She was the epitome of a caring and compassionate midwife and we would love to see her get the recognition she deserves. She left her own family at home late one evening to come and play a crucial role in supporting mine. Please could we put her forward for an award.

Bernie was Stacey’s final baby delivered leading to her graduation. She epitomises everything great about midwives working hard all over the world! She is very modest but she deserves recognition

Stacey Dixon


Could I nominate Katie Kirby who delivered my second baby at Pilgrim Hospital, September 2019. The continuity of care was amazing and she went above and beyond to make sure we were ok. She looked after me so well during a very fast labour. I had some blood loss which I found quite traumatic and the next day I wasn’t able to be discharged until they had taken my blood.

Nobody could get any as I was also very dehydrated from being sick my whole pregnancy. Katie came back on the shift the evening after and managed to take my blood and really helped me feel at ease. I was also struggling to sleep in the hospital and she went above and beyond to get me home that night so I could get a good night sleep (even with a newborn!) The whole Boston team were amazing but Katie stood out for me

Katie Kirby


I would like to nominate my midwife Lucy Osbourne from Lincoln County Hospital who helped me achieve my natural, positive VBAC. I had a very traumatic past experience and was very determined to let me body so its thing and not to have too much medical intervention, even though I was high risk due to having a previous C-section and having high blood pressure. Lucy supported me throughout and guided me through my whole birthing experience when I needed her. She kept me company throughout the night and made me believe in myself. I cannot thank her enough for safely bringing my baby Mabel into the world.

Lucy Osbourne


I would like to nominate Claudia Coggon. She was the midwife for the birth of my first child, born by emergency caesarean section at just 26 weeks in June 2015.

I was admitted to hospital for monitoring by my community midwife following reduced fetal movements. Claudia was the midwife allocated to look after me. I came into hospital at 11am and my baby boy was born at 14.12 the same day. It was a very traumatic birth but Claudia was a rock to both myself and my husband, she stayed calm throughout, explained exactly what was happening with each step, she gave us information and advice and tried to prepare us for the realities of giving birth to a baby at 26 weeks, she explained it would be a bumpy journey and that we would need to dig deep emotionally. She provided emotional support, practical advice and really went the extra mile. I’ve never forgotten some of the things Claudia said to us during that time, she had such a big impact on our lives in such a short space of time.

We were transferred to Leicester Royal Infirmary but once we returned back to Lincoln County Hospital Claudia even popped in to the neonatal unit to see us a couple of times. I never forgot the impact Claudia had on us and was very fortunate to have her looking after me and my next baby in May 2018 whilst we were on the transitional care ward. She is an absolute superstar, a ray of sunshine and a very special lady indeed. Thank you for everything you did for us Claudia.

Claudia Coggon


I would like to nominate my midwife Laura Fullwood. Laura was my midwife from the very start. I had quite a few problems through my pregnancy ranging from high blood pressure and reduced movements and Laura always went above and beyond to make me feel at ease and advise me in the best way that she could. I requested that Laura be present in my planned C-Section and I’m so glad that she was because I couldn’t have gotten through that day without her, I was so incredibly nervous and anxious and when I was laying on the theatre table Laura always knew when I was starting to panic because she would look at me and tell me that everything was ok and it just relaxed me and put me at so much ease. She really is the most kind, caring, and the most selfless person that will go that extra mile for her ladies that she cares for and I feel so lucky and honoured that she was a part of my journey! Laura is so passionate about what she does and it’s not just a job to her!

She 100% deserves this award!!

Laura Fullwood


I’d like to nominate Georgie Hinchcliffe who was my midwife when I had my little boy on 6th January 2020. I was booked in for an elective C Section (although I didn’t want one) as I had Gestational Diabetes while pregnant.

From the moment I walked onto the ward (very nervous) Georgie made me and my partner feel so much at ease, talking us both through everything and listening to questions we asked. Georgie wasn’t due to come into Theatre with us (which I was secretly hoping she would be) however she swapped with another midwife to come with us to theatre which meant so much to both myself and my partner. I believe Georgie is an asset to Lincoln Maternity and definitely deserves an award! Thank you Georgie!

Georgie Hinchcliffe


I would absolutely love to nominate Julie Smiley of Lincoln

she was fantastic with my first born I had with no pain relief with her help, and although she wasn’t there for the birth of my now 10m old twins she has gone above and beyond to visit and became a really good friend.

She’s honestly the most caring individual I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and she goes out of her way, out of paid hours and off her own back to help people.  Even getting a new mother’s dog fostered for her due to difficult circumstances (I don’t know the reasons due to confidently) all because of her kind nature

Julie Smiley


I started with a home birth with Sandra, who was a part of the brilliant team. She keep telling me how well I was doing even though I was panicking and I thinking I couldn’t do it and Sandra kept telling me I could which made me feel better.

After a few hours there still no sign off the baby coming so Sandra called an ambulance to take me to hospital she stayed with me till the ambulance came and then I got the hospital and I was handed over to Carly and she was also brilliant. She let me have my own space and she didn’t keep pestering me like I had experienced in a previous birth. She was there when I need her which was great and then after my daughter was born Sandra came out to see me and she was amazing once again. I am very grateful to both midwives as they made a very hard birth less stressful.

Sandra Cussons & Carly Harrison


I’d like to nominate Holly Taylor (Toyne) she delivered both my babies she provided the most amazing support through my whole pregnancy birth and postnatal period she’s not only a brilliant friend but a fantastic colleague who makes me a better mother and midwife. Her current role is perfect in ensuring all midwives and healthcare staff strives to be the best and she’s a fantastic teacher and facilitator in achieving excellence within the maternity sector. She’s also hilarious!

Holly Taylor


Our community midwife Vicki Hawkins (based in Skegness). I was full of worry and anxiety throughout the pregnancy and Vicki made me feel so at ease. She was so approachable and I felt like I could ask her anything. Vicki was also a great support in the weeks following the birth; I looked forward to her visiting. Something that really stood out to be was how she also checked how my husband was coping throughout too.

Vicki Hawkins

Community Midwife

Rosie good my midwife delivered my son back in 2013 and was also my midwife for my second pregnancy but didnt deliver my daughter. With my sons birth she was so calm and respectful of how i want to labour. When I arrived at the hospital she was there waiting for me and took my under her arm and walked me to my room as I was already in established labour. She made me so confident in what I was doing and seemed to know exactly what I needed. She made the experience of my first birth so amazing I wasnt afraid when I was due to give birth the second time. While pregnant with my daughter she was my community midwife and she was so patient and informative and always answered all my questions. She took her time with me and never made me feel like I was asking too many questions (I had alot!) She was very understanding to my anxiety and nothing was ever too much for her. Anyone would be lucky to have her as a midwife.

I would like to nominate midwife Rosie Good as she cared for me at the end of my pregnancy and immediately after my son was born in January 2019. She paid attention to looking after my mental health and helped me a lot after he was born and had jaundice as he was unable to feed. She restored my faith in midwives after the terrible experiences I had in hospital.

Rosie Good is my nominated midwife from Lincoln! She was my advocate and my reassurance, she has incredible knowledge and advice, is very friendly, committed and dedicated and I feel so so lucky to have been under her care… so much so, she’s given me the biggest inspirational push and encouraged me to chase my dreams where I enroll to be a student midwife in sept 2020! If I become half as good as her, il know I’ve done a good job in life!

Rosie Good


I had my first child in 2014 and had a really bad experience leading to an emergency c section and afterwards pneumonia. I was in hospital for a week and then ill with gallstones as soon as I got home.

I spoke to Bryony about this and she really understood. She said that it was important that I have a good birth experience this time. She spoke to me about my options, the positives and negatives, and made it clear it was my decision either natural birth/ c section. Owing to an underlying health condition I chose a planned c section this time. On the morning of the c section Bryony met us at the door to the ward. She took us through and got us tea and everything we needed to get changed. She explained what was going to happen during the morning and was very reassuring the whole time.

Once we got into the theatre she must have explained the issues with my previous birth to the team as they were all brilliant. Last time the anaesthetic has not worked and I had to be put under as I could feel everything. I was very scared that something would go wrong again. However, the team took a long time making sure that I was totally numb and joking with me to lighten my mood. Bryony was explaining what was going on throughout and what was going to happen next. She was very confident and put me and my husband at ease.

The next day she was working on the recovery ward and looked after us again. She organised medication, followed up with doctors and we were discharged that day. I had explained that I was worried about being stuck in hospital for a long time like last time!

Overall she was calm and confident. She guided us through giving birth and put us at ease. She was very impressive and my husband and I will be forever grateful to her for a positive experience.

Bryony Clarke


My husband and I would like to nominate midwife Vicky Godbolt for her superb care during labour and delivery of our baby boy Barnaby. After a long battle with infertility and conceiving through IVF, I struggled with anxiety throughout pregnancy. As a midwife myself, I knew too much and found it very difficult to switch off my ‘midwife brain’. I did not labour after my waters broke and therefore I had to be induced, consequently I could not have the water birth I’d planned. Water was something I found helpful during pregnancy to relax and de-stress and therefore I was very disappointed. However, Vicky, from start to finish created a safe and calm environment where I could relax and labour as a mother to be. I was finally able to switch off my midwife brain. She is confident and competent and we knew we were in the best of hands. My husband and I trusted her explicitly with the safety of our baby and my anxieties were non existent during the labour. I did not once feel the need to overthink or watch the CTG. We trusted every decision and every plan she made. I could let go and focus solely on my body and my baby. Ultimately I laboured well and had a quick, straightforward beautiful birth. There aren’t the words to explain how grateful we are.

Vicky Godbolt


I went in to Lincoln County Hospital on the 30th December because my daughter had reduced movements. The midwife (Sophie) was so happy and cheery (at 11:30pm) and she made me feel at ease. She told me to come back at 9am to be induced however I insisted being induced that evening and they obliged and I was induced.. 30 hours of pessary really flew by… 

On the 1st January I was taken upstairs to have my waters broken. Sandy was absolutely fantastic and allowed my partner to have a quick wash as he hadn’t been able to for 3 days. (Still grateful). Sandy was there for the first part of my labour and when it was her time to go home she made sure the next member of staff knew everything to do with me. Harriet took over and she was so encouraging and let me do everything at my own pace and kept giving me options and let me choose what I wanted. 

At 01:17 Francesca Lilley was born weighing 9lb 2oz. I had lost 1.5litres of blood and borderlining a blood transfusion. I was transferred down to Nettleham in the very late evening. My heart rate wouldnt drop and It turned out my iron levels had dropped massively and I was severely anaemic. After 3 days we learnt my daughter had been dry feeding due to my anemia not making any milk and lost 10% of her body weight. Addy was so reassuring after I broke down crying and got to work getting her some formula and making her a feeding schedule. Hannah was absolutely fantastic throughout my whole stay and made sure I was okay and comfortable. Helping with the cup feeding (since we was trying to breast feed) When it came to getting Francesca back onto the breast Katie went above and beyond for us. Spending hours helping us latch properly and feed. 

The team on Nettleham was absolutely fantastic in whole. A few midwives and workers that made everything much better are: Hannah Katie Sally Addy Chloe Amy and Sophie, Sandy and Harriet from Bardney they deserve every nomination possible.

Nettleham Team



Jill Wilding is the only one who were positive about me going for a vba2c! With just her positivity through one appointment, I didn’t back down and I got my vba2c, she again supported me with my 2nd vba2c too! Sad to here she’s going soon and I hope someone follows her lead.

My pregnancy was pretty textbook for the beginning part, I was really poorly with sickness but bar that, had no other issues. The midwife assigned to me was Jill Wilding from Lincoln. She was lovely, really supportive throughout.

Anyway, I got to 25 weeks and had my normal midwifery appointment, unfortunately Jill was on holiday so I had a stand in. It got to the end of my appointment, with no issues, and she then took my blood pressure. That’s when it all went south. My bp was through the roof and I ended up being blue lighted into hospital, where I pretty much stayed for a month, until my daughter was born at 29 weeks. Throughout, Jill visited me in hospital, and also after my daughter was born. She came to see her while in the neonatal unit. She showed so much care and, the fact she took time out of her day to come and check in on me was absolutely amazing. I cannot tell you how supported I felt by her before, during and after.

I am pregnant again, and am so happy to say that Jill is my midwife again!! Not only is she still as lovely, she remembered me, even though it was nearly 3 years ago that I was in her care!

I’ll forever be grateful to her, she is a real asset to the team!!!!

Jill Wilding


I’d like to nominate Karen swan please 💕 she was my community mentor as a 1st year student and my community midwife recently while pregnant with my second baby (mid-degree).

She is an incredible midwife from both perspectives and I can’t thank her enough for everything she does for the pregnant people in her care, their families and student midwives

Karen Swan

Community Midwife

I would like to nominate Marie Robinson from Grantham. At 7 weeks pregnant after IVF treatment my world fell apart when my relationship broke down. l was effectively homeless and had my 9 year old in tow. Marie was just amazing.  She showed me how to be strong, her reassurance was in abundance and I honestly don’t know how I would’ve made it through the most horrendous ordeal without her.  She’s a real advocate for women and women’s rights she made me feel empowered as a woman and a mother.

Nothing was ever too much trouble. She’s funny, she’s warm and she’s wonderful.  She’s a real credit to the NHS, to Grantham and to all the very lucky women that she looks after.

I would love for her to be nominated

Marie Robinson


I’ve nominated the midwives I had purely because I couldn’t have coped without them, they understood from the moment I got into the hospital how precious she was too us as they understood the battle we had to finally fall pregnant, Georgia Baily the student was so kind she held my hand through everything especially the epidural keeping me calm she even helped deliver my daughter. I’ll always remember Jackie saying to me whilst I was being stitched if she wasn’t panicking then I shouldn’t panic them words have stuck with me and I always say it too myself when I’m struggling. Hannah was like a friend I never had. The Scottish one who I saw a few days before she came into see me whilst I was struggling and was just the voice I needed. I owe them everything but I can never repay them

Jackie Lisle, Hannah Peagrave and Georgia Baily


I would like to nominate 3 special midwives that were an amazing support through my 3rd pregnancy, Katy Carr, Jessica Holland and Megan Tether. Katy was my community midwife. Whenever I saw her she was always very easy going and approachable. I knew whenever I saw her she would always make me laugh as well! Jessica is one of my best friends…always there when I needed her! If I ever had any questions, day or night she would answer them straight away! Megan…is also one of my best friends…she delivered our beautiful 3rd baby, Monty. She was very calm and relaxing throughout the whole process. Nothing was too much trouble and to have her as my Midwife for the labour really did put me at ease. Thank you to all Midwives…they are all amazing!

Katy Carr, Jessica Holland & Megan Tether


I would like to nominate my 2 fabulous midwives from Gainsborough Coco’s team, Helen Shepard and Laura Jayne. They were both absolutely fantastic with me from start to finish, I’ve got 4 children and my last was by far the most relaxed I’ve had due to these two beautiful ladies. Helen was with me through my c section calming and relaxing myself and my partner.

Laura Jayne and Helen Shepard

COCO's Midwives

On the 28th June 19, I was induced at Boston. Becky Martin was with me the whole way through. She made me relax and reassured me that everything would be ok. At the time, she was a student at Boston pilgrim. Within a few hours, I was having contractions and she helped me through the whole thing.

We gave birth to our first born daughter, Eliza within 24 minutes of active labour. I lost 2.2 litres of blood and Eliza needed help with breathing. The whole team were there to help and save both of our lives. For the next few days, I was in the maternity ward at Boston and I really can’t thank them enough. They were truly amazing especially Becky.

They should win awards for the service that they give.

Becky Martin


The midwife is Emily Hall. I went into labour ward Sunday 19th January, Emily was my midwife and was absolutely amazing. Stayed with us the entire day, made us laugh and couldn’t do more to accommodate myself, my boyfriend and my mum. She kept us all calm throughout and listened to my needs meaning she could talk me through exactly what was going on in a way I could deal with it. Emily was then the midwife on shift on the maternity ward the following day and was equally as amazing. We cannot praise her enough for the support she gave us through what ended up a traumatic section. Emily was the perfect midwife for our family.

Baby Jaxon Matthew Royal born to Laura Plumb and Steven Royal.

Emily Hall



I’d like to nominate a midwife to celebrate the year of the midwife, my story begins when I had my third child here in Lincolnshire I say third as I have had two births previously in other locations my third pregnancy wasn’t straightforward I had lots of worries I started my pregnancy off in a different location of the country and finished in pilgrim when this pregnancy had finished I was placed on maternity ward 1 where both my baby and I was cared for by midwife Amy Spinks, my son had some issues once he was born and I was very concerned and Amy swiftly arranged for these concerns to be addressed, they were dealt with swiftly and my care was continued to be managed by Amy, my second pregnancy was yet another coincidence when I came to giving birth as low and behold my fourth baby a little girl was delivered by Amy this time no complications straightforward easy and so quick, now this is the cruncher my fifth baby decided she wanted to scare me when she decided she didn’t want her water around her anymore breaking them two weeks earlier than planned without contractions so when nothing had progressed I went in to be induced and low and behold my care before hand was received by the same midwife from the previous two pregnancy but what made this one so warming is when the pregnancy and notes had been discussed before I went through to the ward the midwife Amy recognised my identity from one of my previous births and introduced herself and was so happy when she found out that her finding outs was correct she explained what she was about to do and then came to collect me from my room on labour ward to place me in a bed on maternity ward where she continued to monitor my labour progress throughout the night know that my baby had the same condition this was reassuring to know that my midwife cared enough to check up on me frequently and get things moving swiftly along. Thank you Amy Spinks for everything

Amy Spinks


Rebecca has scanned me throughout both pregnancies she is so thorough and explains everything straight to the point. I feel very honoured to have had her.

A great Sonographer for Lincoln hospital.

Rebecca Edwards


I would like to nominate Debbie Grooby of the Sleaford Community Midwives team

She cared for me alongside Karen Swan & Pauline throughout my pregnancy. They made me feel so at ease and excited about the future as new parents. They were all so supportive about me wanting to have a home birth as a first time Mum which gave me much needed reassurance.

Debbie was here for my home birth on the 11th of November 2019 and arrived within 15 minutes of us calling the labour ward. She was so calming and allowed me to go through labour at my own pace. Gail was called as a second midwife and was fantastic too I felt so lucky to have them with me.

Ethan arrived in just 7 hours as a water birth with no pain relief. I still can’t quite believe it. Debbie helped with breastfeeding and kept in touch with us when Ethan had to go into hospital due to losing weight. She just kept reminding me that it wasn’t my fault.

Debbie is a fantastic midwife and the entire Sleaford Community Midwives team deserve so much praise. I’ll be sure to tell Ethan all about them as he grows older.

Debbie Grooby

Community Midwife

I would like to nominate my midwife Hannah Proctor. She is part of the COCOS in Gainsborough. I entered this pregnancy full of anxiety after trying to conceive for 6 years and having 3 consecutive miscarriages. I thought seeing a midwife again after our last miscarriage would be triggering however after our initial booking in appointment my worries were lifting one by one. She has been incredibly supportive, encouraging, motivating, caring, thorough and never allows me to leave an appointment without having any questions unanswered. I feel lucky to have landed with such an amazing midwife. I’m excited to meet my baby however will be gutted to leave Hannah’s care. She truly is an angel in disguise!

I would like to nominate my midwife Hannah Proctor! She came at the end of my first pregnancy and made me feel so welcome, I felt like I known her forever.  I was passed from different midwife until Hannah. Then I fell pregnant again and she’s been my midwife all the way through, always comes to my house so my little boy is happy playing. I’ve suffered bad sciatica and she’s helped me with exercise.  I’m currently 5 days overdue and she’s doing everything possible to help me think positive! I feel like Hannah is more of my friend than my midwife and if I was too have more children I would want her again she truly is an amazing lady.

I’d like to nominate my midwife Hannah Proctor from Gainsborough midwives – COCO’S. 

We’ve had quite a journey from the start of our pregnancy and she’s been there every step of the way. •hemorage at 9 weeks •high NT scan & results •amniocentesis •detailed scan following this •growth scans •doppler scans •c section at 30 weeks due to reversed blood flow 

Hannah has gone above and beyond through each hurdle we have faced, always replied straight away even when I’m sure she probably wasn’t at work. As most of my appointments got cancelled with Hannah as I was at the hospital a lot, she would always take the time to make sure I was okay and if there was anything she could do etc. 

When we finally got let go from the consultants after the amniocentesis came back clear, Hannah came to my house for my next appointment. I already had my own worries that my belly looked small, she measured me 4 weeks behind and referred me for a growth scan. I’ll be forever thankful for this as this is where they noticed the high doppler readings. After being monitored each week for 4 weeks I went in for a scan at 30 weeks and was told I had reversed blood flow and they’d be sending me to labour ward straight away & delivering him first thing in the morning. I messaged Hannah straight away.. I had a response immediately telling me she was on call and would try her best to be there. The following morning the midwife came in and said Hannah was on her way. Despite everything we was going through we felt so much more comfortable knowing she was going to be there. The thought of having a section anyway was daunting, but having one at 30 weeks not knowing how your baby is gonna be was terrifying. Hannah was calm as anything and kept me sane! Even staying in the room after chatting and keeping me company as baby had been taken straight to NICU. It wasn’t till after she told me that she had been up most the night worrying and thinking of us, this being the earliest birth she’d been part of. Even now nearly 2 weeks on she’s still messaging making sure Lincoln midwives have seen me & that we’re all okay. 

She most definitely deserves the award in my eyes

Hannah Proctor


I would like to nominate Chloe Hempsall she is now a qualified Midwife at Boston Pilgrim. She delivered my boy at pilgrim as a student Midwife April 21st 2018 I used a cord tie which she was willing to use for me. I requested to be standing whilst giving birth she facilitated my wishes whilst maintaining professionalism. I am now a 1st year student Midwife at Lincoln and think it’s how our paths may cross now on an educational level. She was such a caring kind Midwife It was the best birth experience I have had with my three boys and that was provided by facilitating my wishes and respecting what I wanted to achieve without compromising care.

Chloe Hempsall


I would like to nominate the Sleaford Community Midwives Team. I had 3 miscarriages in a row after having my eldest back in Nov 2014. After my 3rd loss Debbie Grooby from Sleaford Team phoned me to say she was sorry and asked if I was OK. By the time I had a successful pregnancy I had Caroline Bowden as my named Midwife and she gave me 2 weekly checks due to my previous losses to keep a tab on me and also because I had quite bad anxiety. At one of the antenatal checks my blood pressure was up slightly and Debbie Grooby wanted me to go back in after that weekend to check blood pressure again as she didn’t want me to go too long without it being checked. She even took a blood sample at one of the appointments as I was due a blood test for my Endocrinologist and that morning Grantham Hospital was too busy and I had an antenatal appointment that same morning. I got to Grantham and the queue was just too long to wait and if I had waited I would have been late for my antenatal appointment. Debbie took the sample for me saving me a trip back to Grantham. The pregnancy went smoothly and I had my baby boy back in April 2019. When I got home the midwives were still excellent. They had to check my blood pressure at home as I was kept in hospital until my blood pressure was down to a level they were happy with to discharge me. At one of the home visits I raised concerns about baby’s skin being yellow. He was born back to back and he had bruising all over his face. When the bruising was going down we were told it could cause jaundice. Caroline visited once and I raised concerns about the yellowing of baby’s skin. She said he looked fine but said I could go to Grantham for a bilirubin check if I was concerned. She spoke to the Team at Grantham Hospital and got me in for a bilirubin check. The skin test came out high and we were sent straight to Lincoln for a blood test. The blood test levels came out OK. Karen Swan was also brilliant. I noticed a lump at the back of baby’s head a few days after being home and she got me an appointment at the GP for the Monday morning so it can be checked out and be documented. I also felt happier this time round as the pressure to breast feed wasn’t there. 

I would also like to nominate the Labour Ward at Lincoln Hospital. The Student Midwife and Midwife who was Tracey West were brilliant. I was left to progress with the labour in my own time and felt relaxed all the way from start to finish. 

I was also under the Endocrinology Team at Lincoln throughout my pregnancy after being diagnosed with Graves Disease after my 3rd loss and they have also been excellent making sure I was tested monthly to make sure my thyroid levels were stable all the way through.

Sleaford Community Midwives

Community Midwife Team

I would like to nominate Vicky Cox the mental health midwife at Lincoln Hospital. She has been the most incredible support!

I am due my baby in the next few weeks, but am struggling a bit due to losing my daughter to meningitis four years ago. My baby is due on the anniversary of her death.

Vicky has given me space to decide what kind of support I needed in the early days, put me onto a mental health course to give me the tools to cope. She has jumped into action when I was ready for help, writing up a personal birth plan to help me cope with my new baby. She also listened and didn’t think my insecurities were crazy when I felt more insane than I can explain. She also came with me to see a consultant to get things put in place.

She is part of an incredible team at Lincoln Hospital and I couldn’t be more grateful, and I’ve not even had my baby yet! Without her I think I might not have managed to get to this point.

Vicky Cox

Midwife With special interest in mental health

Kayleigh Atkinson. She’s an incredible midwife at Lincoln hospital. I’m A lucky mummy to four beautiful babies and for my first three Kayleigh (who’s our friend) was on shift and popped in to see me to cheer me up and cheer me on.

For my fourth baby we were lucky enough to have Kayleigh as our midwife. She instantly put me at ease and was just completely lovely. I had a very quick labour that was wonderful and calm thanks to Kayleigh and her student. After falling in love with our baby Kayleigh checked her over. It was then that Kayleigh found quite a serious health complication. Kayleigh immediately calmly told us what was wrong and then the room filled with lots of important people.

My husband and I were obviously very scared and upset, Kayleigh stood with me holding my hand and explaining what was happening. We were rushed to ICU but Kayleigh made sure I was able to grab a quick shower before my baby was taken to ICU. She came with us and stayed for as long as she could. We were told we needed to be immediately transferred to another better equipped hospital. Kayleigh stood and shed a few tears with us and tried to sooth our worries. As Kayleigh was a friend I kept her up to date on how things were doing and she continued to be a great support. Kayleigh’s a fantastic midwife and deserves this recognition as I’m sure she’s helped many, many more families as well. So I’d love her to know how grateful we are

I had Kayleigh deliver my little girl. She was very supportive and a great midwife to have. She had just come on the day shift so it was lovely to have a fresh face for the delivery.

She is a great midwife and the NHS are lucky to have her

Kayleigh Atkinson


I’d like to nominate Wendy Rickett who is a Midwife in Swineshead surgery, Lincolnshire.

Wendy from day one has always gone above and beyond her job role. I informed her that I was going to Thailand with concerns of the ZIKA virus. Wendy immediately conducted a great amount of research on my behalf, finding out what immunisations I would need along with what I could do to protect myself and my baby. She called around other midwives, the antenatal department, and even her manager. She spent time researching up-to-date medical reviews and arranged an appointment for me to have my immunisations asap. THAT WAS DAY ONE. I was very impressed.

As time progressed, my partner was deployed to the middle east. And not only the stress of that, I had major stressors from a tragic loss of family to stress at work. Wendy spent time listening, comforting, and reassuring me that I was perfectly okay, and my baby was fine after having extreme paranoia I was causing her harm – she laid me down on the bed and allowed me to hear my little girls heartbeat and even record it for my partner to hear whilst he was away to involve him (it meant the world to me and my partner, and I had the sound put into a teddy bear for him to keep on deployment with him for comfort).

One day, I couldn’t get a midwife appointment with her at my surgery as she was fully booked. Wendy called me herself and asked me to pop into the surgery 30 minutes early, just so that she could see me and monitor how I was getting on. Me, on the appointment day, also being a nurse spoke jokingly about not finishing work on time or coming into work early. Wendy scrubbed it off like it was nothing, and told me she was coming in on her day off the next day to see people. WOW. Wendy have always spoken openly, truthfully and honestly, and will not beat around the bush which is important.

I had called the surgery in a bit of a panic around 28 weeks pregnant in a bit of a panic as I had not done my MATB1 form, to no stress or avail, Wendy had it done in a matter of 30 minutes and left me a voicemail politely informing me she had left it behind reception for me to collect.

Wendy is so passionate about her role and is a fantastic midwife. I truly hope she gets recognised for her impressive competency as a midwife. She has made my journey comfortable during very difficult times. A big big thank you to Wendy.

Wendy Rickett