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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

COVID-19 Vaccination: Women of childbearing age, currently pregnant, planning a pregnancy or breastfeeding

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Better Births Update

Due to the current COVID-19 situation the Government has made a decision to pause the Better Births Programme. Our team has been redeployed temporarily to help with the fight against Covid-19, where more urgent help is required.

Rest assured, WE WILL BE BACK! We will still have regular posts scheduled in the meantime for you all, but we will no longer be available for queries throughout this duration.

During this time, if you have any concerns or questions please contact your community midwife or:

Health visiting team – 01522 843 000

Maternity Service – 01522 573140 (Lincoln) or 01205 445424 (Pilgrim)

Or your local GP

Thank you for all your fantastic support and contributions since the project began. We are mindful that this interruption may cause some anxiety but we will return fully committed to the Maternity Transformation work at the appropriate time.

It’s important that if you are pregnant that you still maintain your antenatal care.

It’s important that if you are pregnant that you still maintain your antenatal care. If you cannot access your GP surgery,

make sure you ring your community midwife for advice on accessing your antenatal care. Do not go to the hospital.

If you suspect you have coronavirus symptoms, stay at home for 7 days if you have either:

– a high temperature

– a new continuous cough

This will help to protect others in your community while you are infectious.

Do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital. You do not need to contact NHS 111 to tell them you’re staying at home. However, if you are concerned you are unwell, please do ring NHS 111 for advice

We will not be testing people who are self-isolating with mild symptoms. If you are not self-isolating or showing symptoms continue as normal.


Advice for women seeking contraception, abortion and other sexual and reproductive healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic

United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust - Phone Service

 From today, 60 midwives across #Lincolnshire will be able to offer secure video calls to pregnant women!

Women and families will be able to see a friendly face who they have gotten to know throughout their pregnancy. To find out more, please contact your community midwife.

Latest on Maternity Services from Lincolnshire Hospitals

We want to ensure you still access your appointments and keep yourself and your baby well. here is the advice from the Maternity Service within United Lincolnshire Hospital Trust

How will my care at ULHT Hospitals change?

We will make every effort to ensure that your pregnancy care is safe and in line with national guidance. However, we have had to change the way we deliver some care because;
• Pregnant women have been identified as a group more at risk of corona virus. In view of this we want to reduce the chance of you being exposed to the virus when receiving care from us.
• Changes to staffing levels and demand for services in the hospital.

Community Midwife Appointments

Your appointments should still take place. You will be contacted by your midwife, by phone and asked a series of questions and then be notified whether you will have a home visit or be seen at clinic, or have a telephone consultation. Please attend your appointment alone. The same applies to postnatal contacts, after you have had your baby.
If you are self-isolating due to you or a family member having symptoms of Corona virus (cough or high temperature) then do not attend your appointment. If safe to do so, your appointment will be delayed until after your period of isolation ends.

Hospital Antenatal Clinic Appointments

Your appointments should still take place. You will be contacted by a midwife, by phone and asked a series of questions. You may have a telephone consultation. This is to reduce the number of people in the waiting areas, reducing the exposure to the virus. Please make sure we have the correct phone number. If you receive a call from an unknown number please answer as it may be a midwife or Dr calling you.

Attending for scans or other tests

Your appointments should still take place. You will be contacted by a midwife, prior to the appointment, by phone and asked a series of questions. Please also attend your appointment alone.

Urgent Care

Please do not delay seeking advice if you have any concerns about your baby’s movements, are unwell, or in pain or bleeding. Let us know when you call if you are self-isolating or have symptoms of fever or cough.

Care in labour

We will aim to adhere to your birth preferences. However;
• We respectfully ask, please only bring one birth partner.
• If you have suspected or confirmed Corona virus, staff providing care will need to move you to isolation area and wear protective equipment before giving care. In an emergency this may cause a short delay. Staffs are practicing putting on this equipment at speed to reduce the impact of this on you and your baby.
• Visiting on the Maternity wards is restricted to birth partners only. No children.
• There are no restaurant/vending machine facilities available for birth partners – please come prepared. We will continue to provide food and refreshments to women, as normal.

Home Birth Service

Unfortunately, on the basis of safety the home birth service has been suspended temporarily.


Thank you for our understanding and patience.

Contact Telephone Numbers
Pilgrim Hospital Labour Ward – 01205 445424
Lincoln Hospital Labour Ward – 01522 573317

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