Hypnotherapy Story

“The midwives were really supportive of my wish for a natural birth.”

My first birth experience did not go to plan with a 60+ hour labour which ended in an emergency section and a 5 day stay in hospital due to infection.

When I became pregnant again I knew I wanted to try for a natural birth. I researched the statistics and the national guidelines and felt comfortable with this decision. My community midwife was fantastic and really supportive of this and helped me to form a birth plan. I did feel that the consultant was too focussed on risk and I felt I had to push for my preferred birth as I was advised to have continual monitoring as soon as labour began which was not what I wanted.

Through both my pregnancies I had hypnobirthing, which I found fantastic and really helped me to have a positive birth experience.

I went into labour naturally at 12.30am on the 1st June. I was happy to stay at home as my labour progressed and at around 2.15am my contractions became closer and more intense so we went to Lincoln hospital arriving around 3am. I gave them a copy of my birth plan which declined internal examinations unless medically necessary. Again the midwives were really supportive of my wish for a natural birth. My daughter was born completely naturally at 4.30am with just gas and air for pain relief. I even delivered the placenta naturally. The whole experience, using hypnobirthing, was so calm and positive without interventions.