Useful Apps

Useful Apps

Having a baby changes everything, starting with the moment you realize you’re pregnant. Combating morning sickness, scheduling doctor’s visits, remembering to take your prenatal vitamins, tracking your quickly growing baby — there’s so much to keep track of.

In the age of advancing technology, there are now apps that you can use to support your pregnancy. However, if anything feels concerning to you, you should still contact your midwife.


Baby and Child First Aid

The app is ideal for parents, grandparents, family members or anyone who wants to learn how to help babies or children in a range of first aid situations.

Baby Buddy

The Baby Buddy app guides you through your pregnancy and the first 6 months following your baby's birth. It is designed to help you look after your baby's mental and physical health.


The GDm-Health app is part of a system that helps clinicians manage diabetes in pregnancy. For women with, or at risk of, gestational diabetes or who are pregnant with pre-existing diabetes.

Integrated Family Delivered Neonatal Care

The IFDC app helps parents of premature babies take an active role in their newborn's treatment in an intensive care unit. Suitable for the parents and families of babies born prematurely.

Kicks Count

Use the Kicks Count app to keep track of your baby's movements in the womb and look out for any changes. Kicks Count helps expectant parents get to know their baby's regular pattern of movement.


vCreate is a secure video messaging service that lets unit staff record and send secure video updates to parents when they’re unable to be by their child’s side. Suitable for parents with children in hospital, particularly those in neonatal and paediatric units.

Advice ASAP Lincolnshire

It can be difficult sometimes to know where to turn for help. A new website and app have been launched in Lincolnshire to help people find the most appropriate health care service for their medical needs.


The Peanut app makes it easy for mothers to meet up, share parenting advice and support each other. Find local, like-minded mothers to discuss all aspects of parenting online or face-to-face.

Mum & Baby App

Mum & Baby offers access to national and international resources of relevant information, advice and guidance, validated by a team of NHS midwives and doctors, working closely with Dr Sunita Sharma.