Antenatal Care

Welcome to your Your Antenatal Care Quiz

Have you met your Midwife or team yet?
Do you have access or know how to contact your community Midwife?
Have you decided where you would like to birth your baby?
What information would you like to know at this stage?
How would you like to receive this information?
Do you have an idea of what will happen in your antenatal care?
Do you understand about the scans and blood tests offered to you?
What is your experience of antenatal care?
Have you been cared for by a Continuity of Carer team?
Do you have access to a Children’s Centre or Community Hub?
What is your opinion on these services (children's centres and community hubs) in the community? 
Has Home birth been discussed with you?
Has a Health Visitor been in contact with you?
Please tell us anything else you would like to raise?