Your Postnatal Care Quiz

Welcome to your Your Postnatal Care Quiz

How do you feel following birth?
Are you happy with your birth experience?
Did you feel supported in your choices?
Did you have an extended period of stay in hospital for you or your baby?
If so, how was this experience for you?
What information would you like to see initially post birth? (i.e information on breastfeeding)
Do you feel you needed to know about certain things prior to birth that you weren’t prepared for?
Do you have support at home? If not are the Midwives aware?
How often do you want a visit at home?
Are you breastfeeding or bottle-feeding?  What is your experience of this?
In the first week or so did you feel supported enough by Midwives?
Would you have been happy to be seen by a Maternity Support Worker (MSW) at home instead of a Midwife on some appointments?
What care do you want when you go home or following a home birth?
How long do you want to be under the care of the Midwife?
When did your Health Visitor take over your care?
Do you have regular access to your Health Visitor?
Do you have access to community hubs or Children’s centres?
Is there information you feel we don’t give you that you would want?