Shortly after I had my long labour and emergency c section I began to act completely out of character and my amazing husband picked up on it almost immediately and i was taken to A&E where I was treated for post partum psychosis this was triggered by not sleeping for days on end and feeling this pressure to be super Mum and I felt I had to complete all tasks for my baby and without knowing I was forcing myself to stay awake for days before I became delirious.

I loved my baby so much I just wouldn’t rest which is so important after a c section. My husband made sure i was admitted to a mother and baby as quickly as he could and I was supported by a team of professionals such as doctors, nurses, midwives, health visitors, occupational therapists, social workers.. it was very scary to be surrounded by so many professionals when i was poorly i constantly felt paranoid being a new Mummy but I quickly learned especially with constant reassuring that I was doing fantastic with my new baby that just because a new mother has experienced mental health it does not measure their capability to be an amazing mummy as at my height of my illness I was still loving and caring to my beautiful daughter.

Myself and my family for 6 weeks felt it was hard on the Mother and Baby unit as my family had to travel back and forth daily to see me but they could see each day I was getting better. The unit provides a supportive environment for mothers and their babies after birth. Everyone has their own challenges and each motherhood story is unique in their own way.

This mother and baby unit brought me and my daughter closer than ever and we will be forever grateful. Since leaving the unit I have educated myself on many mental health illnesses that can occur to everyday women after child birth, myself without any previous experience with mental health found myself needing urgent help. The experience I have had has made me much more empathetic to others and I believe we should all talk to each other more about our difficulties as we all have them. Friends, sisters, aunties, brothers and colleagues we all have the ability to be a listening ear for someone who might be struggling.I have received a overwhelming amount of support since my discharge from friends, family and colleagues and with their help I am back to my normal self. My husband has been my rock from day one of my experience with mental health and has been by my side each step of the way. I urge people to speak out to friends, family or their doctor if you need extra support as you can speak to people in similar situations during peer support groups and their is no shame in needing help we are within a society of looking the perfect Mum but there is no such thing we are all doing our very best which is enough! 🤱💞. We are living a completely family oriented life and I have made a full recovery from the post partum physios and I urge people who may have any kind of signs of postnatal depression, postnatal ocd or any form of character change to speak out and get the support which is available to us all. Don’t be afraid of asking for help as their is so many services which can help you.
#stopthetaboo #mentalhealthawareness